“To bad weather, a lot of cheese”

2 cheeses

18.50€ / person

· Raclette

· Emmental

3 cheeses

20 € / person

· Raclette

· Emmental

· Gruyer

* Toppings included

* Minimum for 2 persons

* Minimum reservation 24 hours in advance



Baby Potatoes + Mushrooms


Gherkins + Sweet and sour onions


Grape + Apple


Seeded bread


Enjoy FONDUE, an authentic Swiss cheese tradition dating back to the Alpine shepherds. We recommend accompanying it with white wine and good company.

Fondue Legends

Fondue was born as such in the Jura mountains, north of the Alps and close to the Swiss-French border, and is believed to come from the custom of shepherds and cowboys to heat up pieces of hard cheese to soften it and make it edible again, as well as to make a hot meal.

The first reference to this dish appears for the first time in 1825 in a French cook’s book (of course!).

Today, the Swiss and the French argue over the title of fondue’s creators… while we Spaniards get purple with melted cheese (each to his own) 😉.

Reservations must be made at least 24 hours in advance.

Minimum for 2 people.

The toppings may vary depending on the season